2SJ datasheet, 2SJ circuit, 2SJ data sheet: TOSHIBA – P CHANNEL MOS TYPE (HIGH POWER AMPLIFIER APPLICATIONS),alldatasheet. 2SJY(F) Toshiba MOSFET MOSFET P-Ch V 12A Rdson Ohm datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Toshiba 2SJ Explore Discrete Semiconductors on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

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Thank you sir, god bless you.

While there appear to be many advantages to their use over BJTs, HEXFETs may often suffer from exactly the same problems – thermal runaway and a failure mode that is suspiciously similar to second breakdown. If the device as a whole exhibits a negative temperature coefficient for V GSso must each internal cell. I promise it is not hard. 2sj210 is why we cannot practically use a class A driver, unless, of course we use one pair of output devices.

Multiplying each figure by five because there are five devices of each polarity gives us 1. This give a clue about your problem.

LM4702+2SK1530+2SJ201 Stero Power Amplifier PCB Board 100+100W

The spec is given below, also I have some doubts regarding the project. Through a lot of time and molten breadboards, I found the best two things to design for are the following:.

The values of these components 2sjj201 be found by experiment. I’ve tested an amplifier that used them, and they perform well enough, but it’s doubtful that there 2sh201 really any advantage over using bipolar output transistors other than cost. The exact values around the Vbe multiplier also known as a bias servo are critical to ensure that the thermal performance is matched as closely as possible.

2SJ (TOSHIBA) PDF技术资料下载 2SJ 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (5/5 页)

It stabilised fairly quickly because the heatsink prevented further possibly damaging heat levels, but with two MOSFETs in parallel, the current between them was different, and more importantly it remained different, even as they became hotter.


The test I ran was very simple. This process continues until the 2sj2001 fails due to over temperature, at which point the MOSFET suffers catastrophic failure. C10 and C11 are high frequency bypass capacitors.

The sound is superb. Can i use it as a subwoofr amp? With 47 Kohm you get no sound, Q1 and Q2 remains closed. If heat sink temperature is used datasgeet thermal compensation it cannot be used.

If you are using 2 similar amplifiers yes with proper insulating kits you can use provided the sink is sufficiently big to take care of the generated heat. Hope you have kept R1 at center and R8 at minimum value before switching on your amplifier. The amplifier can be also used as a sub woofer amplifier but a subwoofer filter stage has to be added before the input stage. Hi Niklas in the place of R8 put a link.

Only lateral MOSFETs provide a crossover point on their transfer characteristics that is low enough for linear operation. I think preamp will just only increase the voltage level of the input signal, but when we split a signal into two actually the current is divided into two. What power will get when i connect 10inch 4ohm subwoofr? Amplifier quiescent current from the current level of precision adjustable resistance adjustment, DIY enthusiasts can adjust according to your liking different tones 6.

Make sure you check the idle current before calling the design done!

In an application note [ 1 ]OnSemi describe this transition as the ‘inflection’ point, and it is determined by V GS dataasheet, although it appears to be related more to the drain current than gate voltage.

If I power up six of these with the same power supply, what value should each rectifier diode have? This voltage is usually taken from the main supplies, so for a given supply voltage, expect a little less output power.

2SJ201 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

If you try to build, it will not work, as they have not included a lot, what you see is only the tip of the ice-burg. If it is ok replace link with say 2k2 pot and set the 2sjj201 through the fuse for 50 to 60 mA.


The second differential stage is formed by datasheef Q3 and Q6 while transistors Q4 and Q5 forms a current mirror which makes the second differential pair to drain an identical current.

But if we use a matching tool, we will find that the gain eatasheet considerably from the actual devices vs. I had to guess and check with my ammeter to get a good value. There’s little or nothing in the datasheets to warn you, and many data sheets even show the SOA for DC.

Hi Harry as per following link it is a good performer. While this scenario is not common in switching application, if the MOSFET is used linearly it is very real, and has caused problems in the past.

Hi, I have one question. Set Ratasheet at midpoint before powering up and then adjust it slowly in order to get a minimum voltage less than 50mV0 at the output. There is no evidence of ‘notch’ distortion or any other nasty odd harmonic, only a ‘nice’ second harmonic added in.

You have no items in your shopping cart. Not very good for a true hi fi, unless we are making datadheet valve-like amplifier. Hi Theofrastos K logarithmic fatasheet that should take care for volume problem at lower settings, do not use Lin controls. Will the preamp be helpful in current gain? Although the requirement for this is minimal the CD format is incapable of anything even approaching a square wave above a couple of kHzit has become an expectation that power 2xj201 should be able to reproduce perfect square waves at 10kHz as a minimum.