Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Al-Mathnawi al-Nuri. SAID NURSI WROTE AL-MATHNAWI AL-NURI BEFORE THE MAIN PART of the Risale-i Nur collection. In this book, each thought reveals . Table of Contents for Al-mathnawi al-nuri: seedbed of the light / Bediuzzaman Said Nursi ; translated by Huseyin Akarsu, available from the Library of Congress .

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Under “Radiance,” we are led through the vastness of the Divine Existence, whose “proper” name is Allah, and given a unique knowledge of Him. Even if it appears to be like swimming and making progress, in reality it is nothing more than sliding toward death: When they encounter even a false argument al-mxthnawi its non-existence, they take it as a strong proof and deny the final reckoning.

When they are separated, the former breeds superstition and the latter breeds corruption and skepticism. From this injustice arises a kind of secret association of partners with God, for assuming that the result of a community’s labor al-nuru the product of their free will has originated from a single person means accepting that that person has an extraordinary power which al-huri reached the degree of creativity.

Table of contents for Al-mathnawi al-nuri

Given this, and his emphasis on contemporary scientific achievements, we can say that he accepted the existence of positive and metaphysical sciences. The light of the conscience is religious sciences ulum-u diniye. After that, he was transferred to a house opposite to the police station.

Another original observation is that while causes must be respected, attributing real influence to them is an aberration and deviation. Contemplation of the Holy Mysteries.


This attitude leads to addiction, which can be remedied only by abandoning the sin. His words reached millions of people through thecopies handwritten by him and his la-nuri.

Would you like us to take another look at this review? He stressed that the knowledge of these two fields must not be mixed, and that great care must be taken when using scientific theories to interpret religious issues.

When joined with the unceasing attacks of materialism, atheism, science, and progress, he saw a great cloud of denial and doubt hovering over the Muslim world. As belief is then grounded in modern science, it remains firm and immune to materialism, naturalism, and atheism. Basing his arguments on sound thought, Said Nursi rejects evolution.

Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri

Building on these, he asserted that the true civilization contained in Islam would dominate the modern world. Diversity and Unity in Islamic Civilization. The navigator places his fingers on the instruments that move and steer the ship.

Divinity requires Messengership; this world testifies to the other world. Arrested and tried with students at the Denizli Criminal Court for having a treatise on God’s existence printed secretly in Istanbul. The Beauty of Pure Islam. The relation of human beings with their individual lives is like that between a navigator and the royal ship he steers.

They imposed their own style of Europeanization by abolishing the Sultanate and Caliphate, closing religious schools and religious courts, and outlawing traditional male headgear and Sufi brotherhoods. When Ankara learned that he was still spreading his view of Islam, he was exiled to Barla, an out-of-the-way place in central Anatolia surrounded by mountains.

Suspicion 87 Four significant truths I witnessed in my intellectual and spiritual journey 87 First truth 87 Second truth 89 Third truth 89 Fourth truth 89 Second chapter 91 Third chapter 92 Fourth chapter 95 First section 95 Second section 98 First rank 98 Second rank Third rank Fourth rank Fifth rank Sixth rank Seventh rank Conclusion: We appreciate your feedback.


Those who indulge in sin seek to avoid punishment and so, unconsciously, try to find an excuse to al-niri in the non-existence of eternal torment.

Although Said Nursi stated that Islamic metaphysics must remain Islamic, he approved of such attempts in being related to certain religious issues, with the result that the scientific theory is believed to be part of the religion.

What falls to one’s part from life’s fruits and purposes is proportionate to the degree of one’s part in the ownership and disposal of one’s life. Those who possess this source can possess worlds, and through dependence on God realized with belief, individuals can make everything serve them:. But everyone cannot grasp, understand, and feel Unity to the same degree: The Wisdom of Sufism. Deliverance from such things comes only from following the Sunna.

Gradually seeing that most representatives ignored their religious obligations, he al-mathawi them on January 19, He was al-matjnawi and exiled to Emirdag.

Al-Mathnawi Al-Nuri : Seedbed of the Light

In other words, it is quite small. In a related approach, these words greet us later on: I have seen nature as a work of Divine art, a painting of the All-Merciful.

Try to assume the mood of intermediaries ranging from Gabriel, who brought it to the Prophet, to the one from whom you ql-nuri it directly.