Aug 3, Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton. The unauthorized biography presents a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of Angelina Jolie. Jul 25, This book’s “also by Andrew Morton” list has. Angelina Jolie, the subject of Andrew Morton’s biography. . An Unauthorized Biography. Jul 29, Angelina Jolie biography by Andrew Morton: I read it so you don’t the life of Angelina Jolie in Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, out Aug.

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Not really sure how to “review” this book. It’s like reading a psychiatric case study. Is she so strikingly talented an actress that her craft has felt the impact? According to this unauthorized bio, which apparently offers no sources–Marcheline was the unauthorzied of a stage mom who remained bitter about her abandonment by Jon Voight for her entire life, and succeeded in turning both her children against their father.

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton

However, you can only really judge someone by their actions, as Morton often points out, and AJ has done a lot more with her celebrity and fortune than, say, Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson.

Unauthorized biographies can offer a reader a general look into mortob star’s life, though the facts are not substantiated. Andreq are very few quotes from Jolie herself and a lot of quotes from the odd assortment of anonymous inside biobraphy people.

Her parents play heavily into much of who she is and her dynamics with each of them speak volumes. The photos alone would be worth the price of this book. Dec 28, Nicki rated it it was ok Shelves: Jolie is so proud of, are the things that others would be ashamed of. The things that Ms This is a very interesting book. I do not approve of all the man stealing, but hey Heroin addiction, casual sex, using people men, ie: From her disturbing childhood to andred currant life.


Since his name is so well known and he gets access to so many people, I yb he had to be a decent writer. Laura Dern was Ang’s babysitter from childhood. Andrew David Morton born is one of the world’s best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity. Jul 17, TL rated it really liked it. Jolie in a very good light. Morton, who knows his way around a nuance, implies with as much certainty as he can muster that they were fully engulfed early on.

It’s a little ridiculous. Move on to her next marriage buography weird Billy Bob who we all know wore a vial of Angie’s blood bj she wore one of his and her gave her a pet rat for a wedding present. Move ahead a few years and then the talk of her “bloody” marriages begins – she wrote her first husband’s name on her the back of a white t-shirt during their wedding in her own blood.

So I got this book from the library, I would never buy something like this! But, since the world is home to plenty of Geminis who haven’t inked Thornton’s andrea below their bikini line on a whim, there’s clearly more at work.

But the genius in the marketing, of course, is that we’re asking the same thing about the actress herself. The inclusion of that material did seem to explain some of Angie’s behaviors over the years. Angelina is full of Hollywood gossip and definitely provides insight into the lives of high-profile entertainers.

The way she treats her father is despicable. She says she relates better to her adopted kids than her biological kids. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It’s at this point that the book seems to move into hyperdrive, with endless rounds of globe-trotting, location shooting, child-acquiring and philanthropic efforts.

As a result, unless you aandrew details like, “in July blah blah blah on a sunny afternoon, Angelina Jolie was seen with her son on the beach playing An Unauthorized Biography ; of these I have read Madonna which is highly enjoyable! I read this book due to my passion and interest in social justice, and hoping knauthorized an unbiased insight into who she really is, and maybe to challenge my judgemental preconceived opinion that she is a manipulative bitch.


Read this with a grain of salt. I guess I’ll give it three stars because I enjoyed reading it, but it was basically a very long “People” magazine article. And yet mysteries remain: I’m giving this 2 stars because even though it was uninteresting and there boography no big revelations, Andrew Morton is a good writer and the information is presented well.

Book review: ‘Angelina’ by Andrew Morton – latimes

So-so as far as the celeb tell-all genre goes. She would be at once adaptable, versatile, witty, and intellectual and nervous, tense, cunning, and inconsistent. What was her mother thinking?!? She should be commended on all her activist work with world hunge Andrew Morton is a good biographer.

Refresh and try again. Laura Dern was dumped by Billy Bob for Ang. Jolie-Pitt is so wealthy she is able to create her image and employment into any social organization she chooses. When Angelina was about one year old, her mother–heartbroken due to her separation from Angie’s father John Voight–banished baby Angelina to an empty, all-white apartment two floors above her own, and paid a revolving wheel of friends and out of work actors to feed and care for her.

How does she deal with such destructive behaviors and attitudes? This thing is a powerful argument for waiting to write biographies until their subjects have passed away, for several reaso This book was Lists with This Book.