AR , Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. b. . Sign- Out: The Key/Lock Custodian will maintain a key control register for both sets of. PHYSICAL SECURITY OF ARMS, AMMUNITION AND EXPLOSIVES. AFVA-3BD 07 June MEMORANDUM FOR PERSONNEL CONCERNED. SUBJECT: Key Control SOP. 1. References: a: AR b: AR

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POWs will be included in unit inventories and be recorded on the informal memorandum for serial number inventories and by count for physical count inventories. The following information will be maintained on the register. Tenants weapons will be identified by: Motor pool gate security. When the responsibility for the arms room is transferred, a physical count of weapons and ammunition is conducted.

Has a risk analysis of the battalion motor pool been properly completed using AR and DA Pam ? Storage of any and all privately owned incendiary devices and explosives i. Record the results of the inventory on an informal memorandum. Is the ammunition secured in banded crates, or in approved metal containers or cabinets that have been approved for use, or is it in commercial, or approved locally fabricated containers, as required by ARpara 58c 1 a?

TAB Q Arms racks or containers weighing under pounds are fastened together, secured to the wall or floor, or chained together. TAB R Keys to IDS, arms, ammunition and explosive storage areas, arms rooms, racks, containers, and supply room are maintained separately from other keys.



All personnel are responsible for physical security within the unit. Appoint in writing a Key and Lock Custodian. D If racks are equipped with hinged locking bars, cobtrol hinges pins welded or otherwise secured to prevent easy removal, as required by ARpara c 3?

If a discrepancy was found, then state what action were taken. Are weapons separated by units, as required by ARpara ?

Security Of Arms, Ammunition And Explosives

Is the SF being retained in the unit for at least 24 hours after last entry? Are the steering wheels of tactical vehicles immobilized with a chain and a low security padlock as required by ARpara e 1 b? This binder is marked FOUO and kept in a locked container when not in use. B Are racks and containers weighing less than pounds secured to the structure or fastened together in groups totaling more than poundsas required by ARpara c 2? Maintain a DA Form for the entire congrol of duty.

Ensure all arms racks and containers weighing less than pounds are secured to the structure or fastened together. TAB C A physical count of weapons and ammunition is recorded each time the responsibility for custody of the arms room keys is transferred.

Unit commander will appoint in writing congrol primary and alternate key and lock custodian. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. To outline requirements for storage and control of privately owned weapons POW.

Ensure a risk analysis of your motor pool is conducted every three years. NO discrepancies were found. POL trucks will not have the steering ket locked; all 1990-11, manifold access doors, and hatches will be locked.


Thursday, the gate will be opened at and closed at Security lighting includes exterior and interior lighting which cannot be accessible turned off to unauthorized personnel.

If the operator has a learner permit then the TC must have a valid license for that equipment. You are expected to comply with these instructions with the utmost efficiency. AR Appendix D b. Material handling equipment will be secured by immobilizing the steering wheel or by locking the transmission in the neutral position.


Not all vehicles entering are to be logged on the DA Form Personnel will not climb over fences or gates. The MAL will contain the name of the soldier and the serial number for each piece of equipment they are authorized. Are cintrol of custody inventories being conducted and annotated on DA Form as they occur as required by ARpara e? Is the Security Construction Statement, dated within the last 5 years, posted on the interior of the arms room as required by ARpara d?

TAB G Windows, vents, and other openings are secured. The company will maintain two sets of arms room keys: Signature of person conducting the inventory: Are the results of monthly serial number inventories recorded on an informal memorandum, as required by ARpara 62b 2 b1?