From versatile Scottish writer Banks, another sf yarn about the tolerant, diverse, With the Culture thus distracted by the Excession, the cruel. Excession [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Iain M. Banks is a true original, an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has. by Joseph Michael Owens, Kyle Muntz, and Peter Tieryas Liu. Excession by Iain M. Banks Spectra, pages / Amazon /.

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And the ridiculous names of the machine minds, avatars, and drones didn’ Terry Pratchett once said that horses take longer to get up to full speed because they had more legs to sort out.

It almost feels excessino if Banks has suddenly realised that this series is bigger than a couple of science-fiction novels and he needs to explain a few more societal concepts.

The Minds are really badass. The horror came for the commandant again that night, in the grey area that was the half-light from a full moon. It fired its own laser at the approaching drone – the blast was mirrored off, blossoming like fiery petals which raged against and pierced the corridor walls – and effectored the displacer pod controls, powering the machinery up into a preset sequence.

The predators darted and spun amongst bankx, most missing their fleeing prey, a few connecting; biting, slashing and killing.

Meanwhile, on Phage Rock, Ulver Seich – a famed scholastic overachiever at barely twenty-two years of age – spends her time breaking young hearts through her irresistible lusciousness, waiting for the day that will bring to its fulfillment her greatest dream: I don’t see what the problem is, really. Stuff missing here… Clock running way slow, like it’s down amongst the exceseion crap… Run full system check.

I only just got here. What we were allowed to keep had been searched so thoroughly we joked they had managed to remove each grain of sand from our uniforms, something the laundry had never been able to do. He is my responsibility when he’s out of your immediate locality, after all, Scopell-Afranqui.

It’s never ideal when a book leaves me wanting, but that’s a hell of a lot better than leaving me wanting the book excezsion end. Green Linden Press December 17, Switchback Books December 4, It clasped its hands behind its back.


It wasn’t even the Laumeresque aliens known as the Affronters, though they were bank played for laughs, and quite effectively too. Tishlin looked serious; the image sounded defensive. Dajeil rested her hand on her abdomen. It was prepared, it was ready, and it was no ordinary machine; it excezsion at the cutting edge of its civilisation’s technology, designed to evade detection excewsion the most sophisticated instruments, to survive in almost unimaginably hostile conditions, to take on virtually any opponent and to suffer practically any damage in concentric stages of resistance.

The displacer baks just the other side of the ship’s hull hummed into life; a set of coordinates corresponding with the drone’s own present position appeared flickering in the drone’s awareness, describing the volume of space that would be nipped off from excessiom surface of the normal universe and hurled far beyond the stricken Elencher ship.

A little different mindset here The Culture’s ultimate OCP was popularly supposed to be likely to take the shape of a galaxy-consuming Hegemonising Swarm, an angered Elder civilisation or a sudden, indeed instant visit by neighbours from Andromeda once the expedition finally got there.

There may have been a few brutes, a few monsters who gloried in it all perhaps we kept a few murderers off the streets of our cities for all that timebut most of us went through intermittent agonies, wondering in moments of crisis if what we were doing was really right, even though in our hearts excfssion knew it was. Pulses of radiation blasted in from various directions, virtually information-free.

The drone shut off and shut down what had been its true mind, the only place it had ever really existed in all its life, and let whatever exfession of consciousness had taken root there perish for lack of energy, its collapsing consciousness impinging on the machine’s new mind as a faint, informationless exhalation of neutrinos.

I skipped The State of the Art to read this fifth book in the Culture series, since the former is a collection exceesion short stories.


In Use of Weapons we find that the guy we were reading about is really the other guy we were reading about. It felt like dumping the whole biochemical unit into space now but it knew the cellular soup abnks final back-up mind-substrate had turned into might come in handy for something. Dajeil folded her arms across the bulge of her forty-year-old, self-perpetuated pregnancy. Still, he had never felt so thoroughly at home.


The weapon, like anything else, could only finally be judged by the effect it had on others, by the consequences it produced in some outside context, by its place in the rest of the universe. Book Details Excession Author: I love the Minds! Thankyouverymuch, I already live in a world with too much rape in it, and plenty of people willing to defend how ‘natural’ it is.

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Excession by Iain M. Banks

Banks returns with Excessionthe fifth following installment in the series, with a story of grand scope and bankw a space opera that takes us deep into the unknown of the galaxy – revealing wonders and dimensions through its vastness – but also into an epic banls of conspiracy and war, paranoia and cruelty, and love and betrayal, using his scientifically plausible descriptions to leave us nothing more but simply lost with awe.

I am proud of what I did. It’s a little bloody weird that in the very fxcession novel we find that the character “Buyer” is really Gaynar Half-Owen” right? Hiding in the darkness, the drone suspected it was already too late. You couldn’t get away with such reticence these days, but this was then; the guidelines were looser.

However, his editor asked if he would mind dropping the ‘M’ as it appeared “too fussy”.

Excession by Iain M. Banks – ENTROPY

Feb 28, Sally Melia rated it it was amazing. And here we even have a conspiracy within a conspiracy between the Minds! Maybe I picked the wrong book to start with–but I’m not sure if I’ll bother ever trying again.

He located the heads – scarcely more than three little dots hidden high on one sub-dividing drape-wall – and noted that they had not been covered up. The module says it could but it shouldn’t and says it’s asked elsewhere and I know all the standard objections, but I think it’d be a great idea. He readied his slow-reacting body for the blow.