Brekeke Brekeke SIP Server v2.x: SIP Proxy Server and Registrar. Brekeke SIP Server registers and authenticates users, and routes calls between user agents. OnDO SIP Server has been updated and renamed to Brekeke SIP Server Brekeke SIP Server supports sophisticated NAT traversal features, with both. Brekeke SIP Server is a SIP-based communication platform for service providers and enterprises. Brekeke SIP Server has original NAT traversal functionality as.

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For Windows, an administrator can use the executable installer.

ブレケケウィキ – Brekeke SIP Server

Administrator s default user id is sa and its password serfer sa. SIP Trunking Manual The error should be shown. ESI products are protected by various U. LifeSize Communications has made More information. Alias Table This sp stores alias data. September 27, Region: When “on” is set, the server adds rport with the value of the sender s source port in Via header of an incoming request packet.

If the Status is Inactive, the server has not started successfully.

Edit Domain page allows an administrator to modify the domain. Contents and terms are subject More information. The service allow users making More information. For irregularly ended calls, a SIP error beekeke code will be displayed. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. Configuring and monitoring your VIPT from web browser. Xip to show features available from release 4. Connecting with Vonage Connecting with Vonage Vonage http: Product name Version and revision number Server name Description Location Time the server was started Server s current time Length of time the server has been running for Hostname SIP listen port Acceptable transport type Network interface IP address es used by the server User name that started the server The directory path that server is running from The number of currently active sessions The total number of sessions processed The number of peak sessions 15 Sjp SIP Server Administrator s Guide.


After the login, push the [Start] button.

Please refer the section TCP for specific configuration. However, SuperLumin assumes no responsibility. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Version: When set to “yes”, the Brekeke SIP Server will authenticate requests only when authentication user name matches the user name in the From header.

Brekeke SIP Server | Revolvy

Password Password for the Alias Database. Please refer to the section 3. Users of the service need to use this IP address as a proxy and registrar. Installing and Using the vnios Trial The vnios Trial is a software package designed for efficient evaluation of the Infoblox vnios appliance platform.

Brekeke Debuts Brekeke SIP Server 2.0

Edit Rule page helps an administrator to modify an existing Dial Plan rule. If the Mirroring Mode is disabled even if the server is active, Disabled will be shown. When set to “!

Alias Table This table stores alias data. This is set as the “realm” value. S and other countries.


Polycom RealPresence Desktop for Windows 3. Nonce Expires 60 The length of the nonce expiration for authentication.

Brekeke SIP Server Version 2 Administrator s Guide Brekeke Software, Inc.

Installation for Windows with the Serveer Installer Step 1: S and other countries. It should contain a reachable IP address.

It is intended for the use of its customers. Edit Alias page helps an administrator to modify an existing alias record.

You will need to activate the Product ID only when you are freshly installing version 3. Please refer to the section User Authentication. Push [Accept terms and activate the license] button and then on [Activate] button to activate the license. List of Deploy Patterns Please refer to the 4. This document provides More information.

X for use with babytel SIP trunks. If the routing resolves successfully on the server, you can establish a session even when the final SIP URI address is unknown to the caller.