La bursitis séptica es una enfermedad frecuente. Se produce principalmente en las bursas olecraneana y prepatelar, y afecta a varones de media edad. A bursa is a fluid-filled structure that is present between the skin and tendon or tendon and bone. The main function of a bursa is to reduce friction between. BACKGROUND: Septic bursitis usually affects subcutaneous localized bursae such the prepatellar and elbow bursae. This condition is infrequently reported in .

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Rheumatol Int, 4pp. Clinical and ultrasonographic findings related to knee pain in osteoarthritis. Clinically, patients may present with pain and swelling over the patella.

Bursae around the knee joints

Acta Radiologica Diagnosis, 23pp. Prepatellar bursitis is burxitis and fluid collection within the prepatellar bursa. Septic ischial bursitis in systemic lupus erithematosus presenting as a perirectal mass.

Septic bursitis presentation, treatment and prognosis. Common tests for infection are gram stain, white blood cell count an elevated number of white blood cells in the synovial fluid indicates infection and glucose levels tests when the levels are significantly lower than normal it may indicate an infection. Open in a separate window. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Log in Sign up. Orthopedics, 7pp. A surgical procedure is in most cases not required, but if needed, the surgical procedures involved are 1 aspiration pafelar irrigation with a suitable drug, 2 incision and drainage in cases of acute suppurative bursitis, and 3 excision of chronically infected and thickened bursa.


Chronic irritation due to trauma or repetitive kneeling lead to accumulation of fluid within the prepatellar bursa and sometimes hemorrhagic transformation. It moves up and down in the groove of the femur when you bend and straighten your knee.

Knee bursae – Wikipedia

The incidence of prepatellar bursa is probably underestimated because most of the case are non-septic and only patients with the most severe cases of prepatellar bursitis requires admission in the hospital. Non-septic prepatellar bursitis can be treated with rest, the application of ice to the affected area, and anti-inflammatory drugsparticularly ibuprofen.

A review of twelve cases. In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references.

Iliotibial Bursitis The iliotibial bursa is located between the distal part of the iliotibial band near its insertion on Gerdy tubercle and the adjacent tibial surface.

Iliotibial bursitis and tendinitis are usually due to overuse and varus stress of the knee. It is commonly confused with a popliteal cyst; the pes anserine bursa is located posteriorly and medially along the semitendinosus, whereas the popliteal cyst is located more often in the midline posteriorly.

[Infectious bursitis: study of 40 cases in the pre-patellar and olecranon regions].

J Rheumatol, 26pp. A Comparison between Septic Bursitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus and those caused by other Organism. In this pictorial essay we describe the most commonly encountered lesions and their MRI appearance.


Iliotibial bursa, infrapatellar bursa, pes anserine bursa. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Also a fall directly on the patella, an acute trauma, may cause patellar bursitis. In Klippel, John H. Skeletal Radiol, 27pp.

[Infectious bursitis: study of 40 cases in the pre-patellar and olecranon regions].

Superficial infrapatellar bursitis, also called clergyman’s knee, is due to inflammation and fluid accumulation resulting from chronic stress. Bhat AK, Bhaskaranand K.

Its implication in the treatment of septic arthritis. Arm Vincula tendina Synovial sheath Common flexor sheath of hand Mucous sheaths on back of wrist. Abstract A bursa is a fluid-filled structure that is present between the skin and tendon or tendon and bone.

Prepatellar bursitis Synonyms beat knee, [1] carpet layer’s knee, coal miner’s knee, housemaid’s knee, [2] rug cutter’s knee, nun’s knee [3] Aseptic prepatellar bursitis Classification and bursitid resources Specialty rheumatology ICD – 10 M J Rheumatol [letter], 15pp.