The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, often looked upon as the third Rosicrucian manifesto, has an entirely different tone from the other Rosicrucian. Wanna save the world? Make art.. Portal. 7 Tracks. 46 Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Chemical Marriage on your desktop or mobile device. Chemical wedding or marriage, sometimes called coniunctio, in alchemy is the joining of the male elements (fire and air that are represented by sulphur) with the .

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This is where one finds the teaching of the dead raised incorruptible I Cor They are led to waiting ships which take them on a sea journey. At the first gate stood the porter with blue clothes, who, upon seeing C.

The King embraced him fondly and he was assigned to a great room containing three beds–one for himself, one for the aged lord of the tower, and the third for old Atlas. As if to reinforce this polar dance, the seven men including Christian, are joined by seven maidens, each one different and each one, like the phases of the moon, exhibiting an individual personality.

Marriags are a concise way to sum up a concept. Its anonymous authorship is attributed to Johann Valentin Andreae. This sorrow, then, To chmeickal joy, Though many thousand generations come, Shall be transformed for all eternity. This reaffirms the life, death and love connection.

The Virgin seems to have taken on the cloak of Hecate and in this funerary role, oversees the departure of the bodies of the three couples, ensuring that they are safely on their way.

Mclean very succinctly summarises this thus: Arriving safely at the first portal he presents his wedding invitation to the first porter who allows him to pass through and on to chemickla path leading to the second portal. The banner of the Phoenix, emblem of rebirth is flown. The unsuccessful candidates remain unadorned, become prisoners, and are assigned to a group dependant upon which weight virtuecaused them to fail the test.

The dove is also often seen as a symbol for the feminine Holy Spirit.

These were followed by the two pages lighting the beautiful Virgo Lucifera seated on a self-moving throne. She guided and helped him from the very beginning. In the first instance, the entire book is set over a period of seven days, echoing the seven days of Creation.

Music | The Chemical Marriage

The Tower of Olympus stood upon an island which was exactly square and was surrounded by a great wall. The Queen could be seen to be personifying Sophia. Good symbols seem to be capable of marriagee fundamental concepts. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. As they closed they caught part of his coat, which he was forced to leave behind.


Chemical Wedding

The various floors of the Tower of Olympus represent the orbits of the planets. The Virgin visibly exhibits compassion during the weighing process, for when one emperor tips the scales on the addition of chemicka, seventh and final weight, his disappointment is acute.

Here the old warden, standing upon a little round furnace, welcomed them and congratulated them upon being chosen by Virgo Luciferafor this greater work. There is a tablet fastened to one of them which tells chemockal four paths. We also know from cjemickal the page said to Christian on day five, that Venus was to be the mother of the next King.

Christian was also the only one privy to the departure of the bodies on the boats under the auspices of the Virgin, the night before the burial service. The great white egg was placed upon the warm sand to mature. The Virgo Lucifera then made a short oration in which she exhorted each to assist in restoring the royal persons to life, declaring that they should journey with her to the Tower of Olympus, where the medicines necessary to the resurrection of the six royal persons could alone be found.

That night, Christian bears witness to the mysterious arrival marriagge seven ships.

The aged marruage then locked the “artists” in the lower room of the tower, but in a short time a round hole was uncovered in the ceiling and Virgo Lucifera invited all to ascend. A gatekeeper in sky-colored habit immediately asked C. Its body was burned to ashes, which were placed in a box of cypress wood. The Chemical Marriage here comes to an abrupt end, leaving the impression that C. Society, they maintained, was a threefold structure and had its analogy in the triune constitution of man, for as man consists of spirit, mind, and body, so society is made up of the church, the state, and the populace.

The Chemical Marriage

For those not too familiar with The Chemical Weddingit is important to stress its plentiful seven-fold symmetry; seven being a perfect number. The grievousness of their sufferings was increased as they stumbled over each other in the darkness. The dark half represents the Deep, or Chaos, the Eternal Waters pouring forth out of the Deity; the light half-circle containing the figure of Apollo represents the diurnal hemisphere of the world, which in the ancient Mysteries was ruled over by Apollo.


Seven is a number sacred to another feminine divine principle — that of Sophia. This work, which is very rare, hcemickal be reproduced in exact facsimile to provide students with the opportunity of examining the actual text for the various forms of cipher employed.

The elect then returned to the castle, where to each was assigned a learned page, who conducted them through the various parts of the edifice. The guests thereupon ascended to the sixth floor, where stood a small altar resembling that in the King’s throne room. There is another door in the room, this time triangular and made of copper, the metal of Venus.

Suddenly a chemckal bell tinkled and immediately the kings and queens took off their white cjemickal and donned black ones, the room was hung in sable draperies, and the tables were removed. They are seen to change out of their splendid snow-white robes, into black ones. Much has been written about the meaning behind the seventeenth century allegorical tale The Chemical Wedding.

Many have designs of a geometrical simplicity which belie the beauty and power of numbers as fundamental expressions of the Universe around us. To the west was a great porch in which stood three thrones, the central one elevated.

This part of The Chemical Wedding could be seen as cautionary; warning us that in the pursuit of the new science something spirtual and wonderful is lost, buried and perhaps even feared. Yet this comforted marruage, that still the future gain of many a one who had now taken himself to rest, would prove very little to his satisfaction. Pages then conducted the guests to their sleeping chambers.

Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz – Wikipedia

The central polar dance of the Wedding was not that of chemickap Bride and Bridegroom, it was that of the Virgin and Christian. Later chemkckal Virgo Lucifera announced that a comedy was to be performed for the benefit of the six royal guests in a building called the House of the Sun.

Nigredo Albedo Citrinitas Rubedo. The first six days of The Chemical Marriage set forth the processes of philosophical “creation” through which every organism must pass.