As its name suggests, Dungeons & Dragons began its life belowground, with adventurers delving deep beneath iconic castles such as. In Faerun basically the canon setting for D&D 5e The Underdark is described as was the vast network of underground caverns and tunnels. Rise of the Underdark will impact D&D RPG books, organized play, novels, a new miniatures game and even D&D Online, the free-to-play.

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Despite its fallen status; it remains an active outpost of mind flayers in a highly advantageous location, and it is poised to regain its former glories. Deep Imaskar is an entirely self-sustaining city hidden deep in the northeast portions of the Earthroot. The guild members use Deepburrow as their home r and funnel stolen goods from other places through the city.

To me, they’re not. Hurnoj has been instructed to use any means at his disposal to get the items on his master’s lists. Running or charging within Araumycos is impossible. The halflings have excavated extensively beyond the start that nature gave them, linking Deepburrow with ever-deeper cave systems. Though the seal has recently been broken to allow a trickle of Imaskari out into the Underdark and theoretically, visitors from the Underdark inthe seal is still quite functional.

Several times a day, Urdol-obna can be seen in quiet conversation with the mindseer. Resources are minimal, and weakness invites extermination.

My bedtime reading for the past few weeks. By tradition, the head of the Willowywalk family holds the title of Master of the Burrow. These open, unworked spaces have recesses carved into the floor where Urdunnir, a neutral duergar clan, and various earth genasi maintain simple dugout homes. At the end of the third day, wise visitors are at least a stone’s throw away from the Dodkong’s claimed realm.

Earth’s End small town: Bit by bit she is achieving her goal, by quietly dispatching her shadow adepts and summoned shadow creatures to destroy her old foes. Most citizens of the underdark speak undercommon, their own version of common. The goblins of Brikklext forgottem seem to have developed a working grasp of unit fighting tactics. The captain, Bibble Goddessgifted, underdrak a forgotten monitor Monk 3. The existence of Underdark settlements beneath Waterdeep and Raven’s Bluff, for example, does not mean it is possible to travel from one city to the other underground.


In return for Stommheim’s aid in killing mind flayers, the derro help the trolls expand and defend their territory. It contained plenty of detail on the setting and its inhabitants, including a new monstrous mastermind.

They eat, drink, and exercise only when the mind flayers come to tend to them every other day. The captive dwarves were bred into the psionic subrace known as the duergar.

Encompassing more than a thousand such dangling, hollowed-out speleothems, Dunspeirrin, or “Underspires,” as it is commonly known is linked into a nigh-impregnable stronghold via a network of stone ledges and arching bridges.

Although earth rwalms are a tiny minority in Earth’s End, they run the city, acting as rulers and raw enforcers. Umderdark is becoming more demanding, and Hamezaar is losing patience with placating the powerful, but dumb, dracolich. Parts of the terraces are walled off, but all the ceilings were left open because an enormous light portal embedded high in the stalactite suffuses the entire place with the warm yellow light of Toril’s sun during daylight hours, and the dim light of its moons at night.

Many are no more than 2 feet in diameter, which is a little tight even for halflings. The town hosts very few Underdakr Plane visitors who come to them directly from underdadk surrounding Underdark, and the Speleosa would rather not advertise the existence of Earth’s End to the illithids, drow, or aboleths in the vicinity.

Because of the great expense these duergar have put into magical protection, the forgoten army is quite small. Their current machinations are detailed in the Gatchorof description.

References to Deepearth realms also appear in other contemporary books such as The Savage Frontier The ceiling above the lake is generally about 30 feet above the waterline, although in some caves the ceiling is as high as feet, and in others it hangs as low as 5 feet. In the fourteen years since the Year of Shadows, the duergar armies of Dunspeirrin dorgotten clashed with the surface-dwelling shield dwarves of Ironfang Keep this Fogotten of Darkness continues fitfully even todaythe illithids of Oryndoll, the drow of Undraeth beneath the Aphrunn Mountainsand small communities of drow, shield dwarves, and svirfneblin beneath the Dragon Reach.


The drow named their new realm Telantiwar, but their kingdom did not last.

The Underdark: What is it? : dndnext

So I guess I’m not measuring it by depth, but by ecosystem – but where does that ecosystem begin? Something I’m not quite clear on – where does The World Above end and the Underdark begin on average? Her mix of medusa and vampire abilities makes her an exceptionally tough opponent. The temple city is an important trademeet for nearby folk of all, races, since several important caravan routes pass close to the city.

The dark elves of Menzoberranzan’s House Duskryn maintain a small, permanent garrison here, since Duskryn holds a charter from House Baenre for the salvage of Blingdensrone’s spellgem defenses. A regular cave isn’t the Underdark, but a huge cave complex where you might encounter Svirfneblin, Drow or Duergar, where there are typical Underdark monsters and you could find great underground lakes, forests of great mushrooms and so on The fourth edition Underdark supplement detailed all three realms and integrated them into the backstory of fealms setting.

Ted rated it really liked it Feb 02, For the last few decades, a community of githyanki have been in residence in Torglor’s capital city. In some of the Glimmersea’s chambers, luminescent rocks in the ceiling glow like stars in a surface-world night, striking perfect reflections from the still waters of the sea’s surface.

Wizards of the Coast. Light is continually available only in the cavern underdatk as the Speleosa’s Manse, since every resident has darkvision and most pockets are no more than 60 feet across.

Geography of the Underdark

Deep Imaskar’s vast magical gardens support crops but no livestock. When does a Grassland turn into a Desert? In DR, the Imaskar Empire was tottering.

It’s not about depth, its about the network. No place on Toril is as strange and dangerous as the Lowerdark.