The Shift of the Ages David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock. Description. Download Shift of the Ages by David Wilcock Free in pdf format. David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis of.

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So, what we are suggesting is that the Atlanteans were very well aware of how to use this system of harmonics to predict events in time with great precision. It was pure ecstasy, as it proved that such visionary feats were possible.

The Shift of the Ages

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The book was written in circaand we can already see examples of his predictions that have accurately come to pass. Mass movements of peoples. AD 29 14th Oct. You would actually read the passages in the Pyramid themselves as time, dwvid the years as you traveled forward. What many people are not aware of is that there is yet another prophecy in stone, far more specific in details than the Mayan calendar.

All of these measurements, except the direction and the material used, can be expressed in numerical fashion. Gratitude to David for open-sourcing this chapter book.

This evolutionary leap is as much personal davif it is planetary, and that is the essential focus that most people are failing to see when examining the issues surrounding the now-obvious Earth Changes that wilxock occurring, as predicted. Return to Book Page. First we have the date, then the encoded prediction, followed by the events in society:. In order to better understand this, we will take a closer look: A variety of predictions in the past have been made with the Great Pyramid Timeline, and these include the following.


Rebecca Goes marked it as to-read Jun 17, The numerological rhythms of this number give us the hour hand of the clock. Another arcane point that may have possible meaning is seen with the icosahedron.

[PDF] Shift of the Agesby David Wilcock – Free Download PDF

In a large-scale form of astrology, similar events emerge repeatedly in time, in an ever-expanding spiral. Sandeep Saroha is currently reading it Dec 21, Formative period of favorable development — 13th Israelite Jubilee?

Interesting book but at the beginning not easy concepts. Lawrence Wallace marked it as to-read Apr 03, He is a proponent of the theory that a large segment of humanity will undergo ascension in the year To ask other readers questions about The Shift of the Agesplease sign up.

Achievement of full enlightenment by Messianic figure: With a dimensional shift of this magnitude coming our way, it is foolish for us to assume that something like this might not happen. Many of the ancient cultures possessed a davie of the Atlantean secret inheritance and had written of these harmonic cycles in time, but unfortunately this information is so obscure that very little data has been found by this author, despite intensive research devoted to searching for it.

Nov 25, Tumchenmamentumlein rated it it was ok Shelves: All changes that came in the religious thought in the world are shown there, in the variations in which the passage through same is reached, from the zges to the top- or to the open tomb and the top.


You will be returning to an Earth that is the home we have all wished for. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Maynard Eavid marked it as to-read Jan 12, These forces would dearly love to teach us the very simple steps that we need to take in order to make the cut.

Central event of period — Sacking of Jerusalem by Titus. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama. Crucial events leading directly to the age of hell on earth — Invention of printing-press in Europe; fall of Constantinople; the Renaissance; the Reformation; re-discovery of America; circumnavigation of the globe.


Cycle of political change of regimes. History continues to repeat itself in these harmonic terms for no apparent reason.

The timing of this information disclosure lent an even greater hand in showing the processes of Divinely guided synchronicity at work — it had to get in before the manuscript was finished. Behind Majestic with David Wilcock https: Want to Read saving….

Applying his theory enabled him to make many exact predictions both economic and political.


Even if we are loath to acknowledge that something like this could really be a fact, the timeline still exists, and many authors have shown that it has already targeted many events with amazing precision. Separation of discarnate path of the enlightened from the static path of physical rebirth — Final break between Nazarenes, official Judaism, and Christians.

In a sense, with unbelievable numbers of diagrams and sift minute scientific detail for those who choose to read all the footnotes, his book has agez become the Bible of the Pyramid Timeline. Hard granite would represent the spirit, soft limestone the physical body, and physical world.

Initial steps in the foundation of the Final Age — Spread of effects of Industrial Revolution; railways; invention of telegraph; rapid development in all davic of science; in the arts, the Romantic era; dawn of Orientalism in Europe. Cycle of new creation in society, discovered by physicist Tony Smith.

Ra claims to have given this Pyramid to humanity, and we can see that the harvest was built-in to the design.