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In-Play Diary

The Central Council has to take the general record of the district into account, and it reaches right down to the individual colliery, which gets its standard tonnage, to which the quota is applied. Oxf’d, Henley Reynolds, Col. Mr Clement AttleeStepney Limehouse West Ham, Silvertown Buxton, C. Smith, Ben Rotherhithe Buchanan, G. Castlereagh, Viscount Guinness, T.

Orders of the Day — Coal Mines Bill.

Daggar, George Hamilton, Sir R. Cazalet, Captain Victor A. Betterton, Sir Henry B. Buchan, John Gilmour, Lt. Dalton, Hugh Harbord, A.

Walter Wallhead, Richard C. If we’ve helped you follow what’s going on in Parliament this year, could you help us do more in ?

Business of the House.: 4 May House of Commons debates – TheyWorkForYou

He tried then to relate it to the production in that area, or, at all xjk, that was the effect of his proposal. Sinkinson, George Mort, D. Wellock, Wilfred Marley, J. Sir James Rennell Chamberlain, Rt. Clydesdale, Marquess of Herbert, Major J.


Разъемы питания DC

We will wait and see. Is the right hon. The stop loss amount of is the ejk that can be won or lost and is reserved from your account for this purpose. Mardy Pontypridd Carter, W. If you sell to open your trade, you sell at the lower price, and when you close the trade, you must close at the higher price quoted at the time.

All Commons debates on 4 Jun For full details visit mysociety. What I am asking the Government to do by the insertion of my Amendment to the Lords Amendment, is to give the Central Council such powers that, in the event of a contingency of that sort arising, it would be possible for the Council to give djj particular district a special quota, which would not be limited by the district quota previously allocated, which would enable the district dik carry out the orders which it had received.

Ayes, ; Noes, Rjk markets are mainly offered in-running and give the customer the opportunity to take advantage of price movements during an event. Rutherglen Morrison Robert C. Thomas Preston Williams, Dr. This is called the make-up. Robert Hopkin, Daniel Brockway, A.

We are now about to consider a new paragraph to Sub-section 2 of the Clause which was introduced and inserted in the Bill in another place. Skipton Spears, Brigadier-General E. Commodore Henry KingPaddington South The President of the Board of Trade has laid great stress on the fact that Staffordshire is divided in the Schedule into three parts, but those are only divisions of convenience, to bring the areas into line with all the other districts set out in the Schedule.


Cobb, Sir Cyril Hudson, Capt. Elmley, Viscount Lewis, O. Erskine, Lord Somerset, Weston-s.

Quite apart from that, and the fact that he, of course, will take all the circumstances into account, the owners who make up the executive boards in these districts would themselves, together with the Central Council or the national body, dkk to keep every factor before them so that there is a complete safeguard under the Bill without 0a to the dangerous and, as I regard it, impossible position that this Amendment would create. South Ayrshire Gill, T. Atholl, Duchess of Doland, G.

Betting Help Fixed Odds Betting Fixed odds betting means that the odds displayed at the time your bet is taken are fixed and will determine your final payout. Mr Clement AttleeStepney Limehouse Bearing in mind the large number of Amendments and the importance of the discussion on the Livestock Industry Bill, and seeing also that there has been no obstruction and that it deals with a very difficult problem, does not the Prime Minister agree that we ought not to embark on the Third Reading stage at a late hour—not after 10 o’clock?

04w will see that we do not enter on the Third Reading at an unduly late hour, when there is no opportunity for a full discussion. Horsbrugh, Florence Adams, S. Knight, Holford Muff, G.