Top Categories · Home» » docbkx-maven-plugin. Docbkx Maven Plugin. A Maven plugin for generating HTML from DocBook. documentation you’re trying to generate as it exists in the . We have a bit more complex usage since we use the maven filtering plugin to. xalan xalan docbkx-maven-plugin ${project. version} site generate-html pre-site k docbook-xml runtime ant ant -trax.

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Let’s just assume that you crafted your own CSS file containing the essential bling bling for your DocBook output file. Well, this is somewhat unexpected because I didn’t change anything but the plugin version, and I don’t see any reason it could not work as before.

Docbkx Maven Plugin – javalibs

The example below does not really do anything interesting before rendering PDF output. See highlighted lines in this XSL snippet:.

The trick is to gemerate a ‘symbolic’ reference instead of a real location in your import. To doxbkx so, we use the docbkx-maven-plugin in the project’s nightly build. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You should see the following output file: After doing so, the document conversion issues an error which breaks the build:. For more detailed information on these customizable properties, please consult the online plugin documentation.


See this or this post for related comments. In all honesty, it is not that complicated at all. So, dockx probably safer to embed those fonts in the PDF files generated. This property allows you to specify a comma separated list of file patterns to include in the transformation.

This samples shows you how to use profiling stylesheets in this case the html one. Simply set the chunkedOutput property to true. There are however good reasons to include a DTD reference, as you will find out in one of the following examples. The above config runs the plugin in pre-site phase, and will automatically be called when you run mvn site.

A Maven mven for generating manpages output from DocBook documents, using version 1.

What do I miss here? This sample shows you how to generate EPub documents verion 2 and version 3 see http: Adding other output formats is easy.


The plugin goal used above generate-html converts the docbook xml to html. Any site can be shut down whether or pluin we’ve done anything wrong. Note that – in case of boolean parameters – there are two ways you can pass values.

In the parent pom I specified the version to be used as well as the reference to the docbook version to use: Failed to transform to PDF: You can always refer to other fonts installed on your system, but then there is a chance that your audience does not have those fonts installed causing your document to be completely unreadable. This chart shows how much is this artifact used as a dependency in other Maven artifacts in Central repository and GitHub: Here is the relevant snippet:.


The Central Repository is a service mark of Sonatype, Inc.

Maven Docbook for beginners. Note that this feature is still fairly experimental.

Maven Docbook for beginners | Vineet Manohar’s blog

Well, that did the trick — after spending a couple of hours of investigation This makes it easy to ship documentation with the source and lets you keep versions of documentation in sync with docbkxx product version. Anything non-zero is interpreted as true. The prefered way is to use ‘true’ and ‘false’, just like you’re used to.

Docbkx Maven Base Some base classes to be subclassed by objects generating output from DocBook sources.