Complete dua e tawassul with English and Urdu translations. Allama Mejlisi has mentioned that according to Ibn babawayhh that dua e tawassul can solve any. Tawassul is an Arabic word originated from wa-sa-la- wasilat (Arabic: وسيلة-وسل ). The wasilah . Dua The Weapon Of The Believer. p. ^ Shirazi, Abd. I need dua tawasul in arabic text in format. I have a project that I need to do but I can’t do it with out the pure arabic text of dua tawasul.

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In Sufism and popular practice, intercession is often asked of saints or holy people. By your means I turn to God. Shia Scholars refer to Quranic verses such as 5: Tawassulas the main habitude of Supplicationshas key role in to acceptation of them.

This appears in an account concerning the story of a blind man who asked Muhammad to pray to God for his health because of his blindness. Part of a series on. Shaykh Duz says, in his book Misbah, that imam Hassan bin Ali Al Askari wrote this dua’a for Abu Muhammad who requested him to teach him the proper way of reciting salawat.

For example, Aisha relates that he often slipped quietly from her side at night to go to the cemetery of Al-Baqi’ to beseech forgiveness of God for the dead. Views Read Edit View history. If, when they had wronged themselves, they had come to you, and asked forgiveness from God, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Tawassull Relenting, Merciful.

This page was last edited on 10 Septemberat Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Fear Allah and seek means of approach to His presence and to His nearness and accessibility and strive in His way so that you may prosper.


دعائے توسل Dua Tawassul – Arabic sub Urdu Video

Allama Majlisi has mentioned this dua’a on the authority of Ibn babawayh who confidently says that there is no difficulty or problem aragic this dua’a does not solve. The meaning of the term wasilah in the above verse according to Albani is a thing that is used to obtain closeness and favour of Allah. Islamic terminology Shia Islam.

Shia Muslims consider that Tawassul through prophets and Imams of Allah is the great justification of wasilah, because they had gain to dus high degree of humanity and after death, they are alive and they are blessed by Allah.

O Abul-Qasim, O Tzwassul of Allah O guide of mercy, O intercessor of the community, O our chief, O our master, We turn towards thee, seek thy intercession and advocacy before Allah, we put before you our open need; O intimate of Allah, Stand by us when Allah sits in judgement over us. Master Tawheed in 24 hours. I seek your advocacy before Allah, I request you to speak in my favour before Allah, obtain pardon for me from Allah, and deliver me from my sins, through my love of you and nearness to you, obtain deliverance for me from Allah O my chiefs, O close friends of Allah, may Allah bless all of them, and curse the enemies of Allah who have oppressed them and will oppress them so be it, O Lord of the worlds.

O you who believe! All jurists comprising ImamiShafi’iMalikiHanafi and Hanbali are unanimous on the permissibility of tawassul whether during the lifetime of Muhammad or after his demise. Ahlul Bayt World Assembly. In the Name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met.


This hadith is quoted in some major collections of traditions, such as Ahmad ibn Hanbal’s musnad: So they are kind of means that people use to gain nearness to Allah. Islamic Concept of Intermediation Tawassul.

Dua Tawasul (Arabic TEXT Please) – Theology and General Religion –

The files you find here are NOT IN the Public domain, and the copy rights of the files still remain with the above author. The Prophet ordered the blind man to repeat these words: A number of Islamic scholars including Al-NawawiIbn Kathir and Ibn al-Athir in his exegesis relates the following episode, aiming to demonstrate its effectiveness:.

According to the main agreement people can draw near to Allah and invoke him by using of these permissible means such as their good act their prayer, fasting and reciting the Quran but there is the discussion on approach to Allah by means of the person of Muhammad and his dignity or other pious Muslims after the death. Selections from Mafatih Al-Jinan: While the tawassul or tawassulan is the use of wasilah for this purpose.

Grant him intercession for me”. Tawassul in West Java”.

Therefore, the typical meaning of tawassul or tawassulanis use of wasilat ttawassul obtain nearness to God. Another early example of tawassul is represented by the idea of turning to God by means of Muhammad. The neutrality of this article is disputed.