Option package consists of a board in the A, a ribbon cable and a board for the Fluke A IEEE Translator. The 1 A must be used to interface A. Fluke A Benchtop Timer/Counter. A broadband continuously variable, x, analog attenuator lets you add just enough attenuation to minimize the input. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Fluke A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed.

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Fluke A – Timer Counters

A replacement can measurement is being made. When KI removes the battery loads, the input circuitry for Q2 is deenergized. PCB; refer to disassembly instructions included with Section 4. Each assembly is component matched to a hysteresis resistor 7250 the Main PCB.

Assembly cent A Figure In any event, if the new test results are sufficient for the accuracy required by the user, calibration need not be done. Each pulse is triggered on and off at the specified upper and lower hysteresis levels for the instrument.

Remove the single screw at the middle of the Main PCB, and separate the case bottom. The self check function can be used to verify the digital operation of the A. Schematic diagrams for the standard instrument and the options are centralized in Section 8, Filter Control To disassemble the instrument, use the following flyke Components are listed alphanumerically by assembly.


To make period measurements, the instrument measures the time interval between two consecutive cycles of a repetitive signal; Channel A is used to generate start and stop pulses. SeesectionSinany Fluke technical manual for ordering Instructions. They will react with plastic materials used in manufacture of the instrument. If this cannot be accomplished in the XIO range, return the variable control fully clockwise and change the range to XI.

Showing Results for Fluke 7250A

Either ac or dc coupling may be used to transfer the input signal to the input conditioning circuitry. Time Base Autoranging 3- 1. The minimum 7205a between the start level on Channel A and the stop level of Channel B can not be less than ns the flukd display resolution. In the CPM mode, the Channel A input frequency is counted in the same manner; a conversion factor is now used to normalize the frequency counts per second into counts per minute. When using these guidelines, the operator must exercise discretion.

Each Signal Conditioner Assembly is matched with a selected hysteresis resistor. Recommended test equipment can be found in Table Use the following procedure when calibrating the time base: If the temperature of the instrument environment is maintained at ffluke constant value, temperature error is minimized.

Fluke 7250A Timer Counters

Sensitivity Test, Channel B As the battery cools, the resistance of the thermistor decreases allowing the battery charge to resume. Follow the techniques described for Channel A. Self Check CHK Maximum Inputs 2- 4. Complete Equipment Preparation and set additional front panel controls as follows: Set f,uke synthesizer to 15 mV rms, and check for stable readings at 50 and 80 MHz.


After the assembly is warmed up, power consumption is I watt, typically. Keep repair parts in their original containers until ready for use.

The continuous reading mode is thereby enabled. This accesssory is described in Section 6 of this manual. Using the procedures, and packaging and bench techniques that are recommended.

Rack Installation Refer to Section 6 of this manual when removing any optional assemblies. Damage to the Main PCB could otherwise result. The low battery voltage relay keeps the battery from discharging to a reversed cell condition by removing the battery load when battery voltage drops to about 4V.

For either Channel, the input signal is amplified, filtered, and shaped to provide an output at ECL logic levels. As in period measurements, the decimal point and units annunciator will be utilized to display the average elapsed time for one period of the Channel A input frequency.