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Gost 1. GOST Rock products used for crushed stone and gravel road bases and surfacing. Specifications ГОСТ Crushed stone, gravel, and sand mixes for road and airfield surfaces and beds. Specifications Смеси щебеночно-гравийно-песчаные для покрытий и. GOST 94, Russian GOST Standards In English.

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The crushed stone and gravel contained in the mixtures, on the solidity, frost-resistance and decay stability of the crushed stone structure should meet requirements of GOST and 3. In the absence of geological exploration data on radiation-hygienic evaluation of the field and report on the crushed stone and mixtures gozt, the manufacturer will previously evaluate the mined rock areas directly in quarries or finished products warehouse, in compliance with GOST Requirements to ready mixtures for foundations and supplementary layers construction of bases and coverings.

At transportation by railroad transport there are to be fulfilled requirements of the loads lading and fastening Specifications approved by Communications Ministry. Then, mixture will be sifted though the sieve with the orifices of 5 mm.

RG24 GOST R TR CU, Import export regulations in English

Swelling degree of mixture used for arrangement of frost-protective layers will be determined on GOST The crushed stone plasticity grade should meet requirements given in the table 1. Crushed stone-sand, gravel-sand and crushed stone-gravel-sand mixtures further — finished mixtures and crushed stone are to be produced in compliance with 225607 of the present standard on technological schedule approved by a manufacturer.


Determination of water-resistance 4. Vessel for material saturation with water. Requirements of this standard given in the items 3.

Content of dust-like and clay particles with size of less than 0,05 mm. Besides, the crushed stone and gravel contained in the mixtures do goet water resistance index, given in the table 2.

Samples will be soaked in water within 48 hours, after which the grains will be washed on the sieve with the cell size of 5 mm. Quantity of the supplied crushed stone or mixtures will be determined on amount or mass, in compliance with requirements of Godt The crushed stone grade on water-resistance should meet requirements given in the table 2.

RG24 Russia GOST R regulations are now available in English!

Crushed stone of natural stone, gravel and crushed stone of gravel for construction works. Rate of the crushed stone and mixtures plasticity, as well as crushed stone and gravel water-resistance will be gist in compliance methods 3 and 4 of the addendum B.

Vost filtration coefficient ratio for supplementary layers should be not less than: Sizing of mixtures will be carried out with use of two safety sieves with the cell size of 1,25 and 0,63 mm.

There is allowed use of the following mixtures; 2.

Requested with this document

For the bases frost-resistance layers there should be applied non-heaving or slightly swelling mixtures. Mixtures filtration ration will be determined in compliance with method 5 of addendum B. Sedimentary rock crushed stone crushability mark grade should not be lower than Method of maximal density determination in the laboratory.


For its adoption voted: Method of filtration ratio laboratory determination. Solid rock crushed stone and gravel for construction works.

It is allowed to use the sieves of the size 70 and 0,14 mm. Mixture grain compound will be determined on GOST by sizing of dried up to fixed 5. The rest mixtures are regarded as known suitable ones for frost-protective layers. The crushed stone on its grain compound, solidity, frost-resistance, content of laminar hearth and prickly form grains, dust-like and clay particles content, lumpy clay and content of the crushed grains in the gravel crushed stone, structural decay resistance of the crushed stone is host meet requirements of GOST Water-resistance grade will be established in compliance with 3.

At control check of the crushed stone and mixture quality the Customer is to apply order of sampling from hauling units, stipulated in GOST Sampling and preparation of the crushed stone and mixture assays for quality control will be conducted in compliance with requirements of GOST