In the Griess reaction, first reported by Johann Peter Griess in as a method of analysis of nitrite (NO(2)(-)), nitrite reacts under acidic. The Griess reagent can be prepared in-house by purchasing and Original publication reporting use of Griess reaction, Griess Keywords: Griess Reaction, nitric oxide, NO, nitric oxide synthase, NOS, nitrite, nitrate, Griess Reaction was first described in [20,21].

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The identification of nitrite in saliva has been the first analytical application of this diazotization reaction in In the field of microbiology, the nitrite reaction is an accepted procedure for the study of nitrite-forming bacteria grown on culture mediums to which nitrate has been added.

For 30 minutes developing time, multiply 189 blank-subtracted absorbance by 0. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Log in with Your New Password.


Email address is unverified. After that, you will need to contact Customer Service to unlock your account. Analysis of nitrate by this reaction requires chemical or enzymatic reduction of nitrate to nitrite prior to the diazotization reaction.

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Confirm New Password Passwords don’t match. Ask a Scientist Answer technical questions or request a seminar. Contact Customer and Technical Support. Carly Anderson, Feb 14,4: Because of the recognition of numerous interferences in the analysis of rgiess and nitrate in biological fluids and of the desire to analyze these anions simultaneously, the Griess reaction has been repeatedly modified and automated.

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General Review of nitrate and nitrite measurement techniques for biological systems, Tsikas Your Account Username Account not found. Care should be taken when working with this reagent. This system detects NO 2 — in a variety of biological and experimental liquid matrices such as plasma, serum, urine and tissue culture medium.

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Griess Reagent System Protocol

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