Hazarski rečnik – Zelena knjiga. VS. Voja Stamenković. Updated 27 August Transcript. romansijer; pripovedač; pesnik; dramski pisac. Hazarski rečnik – Milorad Pavić. O piscu. Milorad Pavić je najizrazitije ime savremene srpske književnosti. On je naš evropski Borhes jer u svojim delima. Hazarski Recnik by Milorad Pavic, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Aglaja Ivanovna rated it did not like it Mar 12, I disliked it, but it wasn’t offensive so I didn’t hate it, and I gave it an extra half star recnij the entertaining way it was presented. What is interesting and arresting the first time pales by the third read.

Milorad Pavic Hazarski Recnik Free .pdf

Maja rated it did not like it Nov 27, Jelena Dilber rated it did not like it Jan 26, Written in two versions, male and female both available in Vintage Internationalwhich are identical save for seventeen crucial lines, Dictionary is the imaginary book of knowledge of the Khazars, a people who flourished somewhere beyond Transylvania between the seventh and ninth centuries. Published by Dereta first published So my rating is 1 recni for my enjoyment.

Jelisaveta rated it did not like it Feb 13, I couldn’t do it. Each discusses the Khazar Polemic, wherein the Khazar leader, the kaghan, invited representatives from each of the three religions to interpret a dream; based on their responses, he would chose the religion that the Khazars would convert.


This book is tedious Sergey Artamonov rated it did not like it Jan 15, It’s quite an intriguing way to write a book and it would have worked for me if reccnik wasn’t for the fact that the three books themselves were so unremittingly bizarre. I like my weirdness in controlled doses, when it gets too much I find my enjoyment slipping and this whole book was an exercise in jumping the hhazarski at fairly much every opportunity.

One critic writes that Pavic “keeps one reading at first for the moment to moment amusement of his richly embroidered surface, and then with the perverse obsession to discover if there is any foundation whatsoever to the history of the Khazars. The novel takes the form of three cross-referenced mini- encyclopedias hazzrski, sometimes contradicting each other, each compiled from the sources of one of the major Abrahamic religions ChristianityIslamand Judaism.

And when I say bizarre, I mean, absolutely, off the wall, wtf are you talking about? Rubiao rated it did not like it Mar 23, Our thoughts are jealous and they constantly blank out the thoughts of others, for there is not room enough in us for rcnik scents at one time. Thanks for telling us about the rrecnik.

Hazarski Recnik : Roman Leksikon U 100.000 Reci

The book comes in two different editions, one “male” and one “female”, which differ in only a critical passage in a single paragraph. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, it hazwrski to be likable.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trivia About Rcnik of the Nemanja rated it did not like it Sep 30, Views Read Edit View history.

Hazarski Rečnik

This is not a book for general readers; it may be fascinating to those who are interested in this period in time or this region another critical paper postulates that Pavic’s “Dictionary” is a model for the dissolution of the Yugoslav state. You have to be in renik certain frame of mind to read this book; you have to have patience; it begs the reader’s good will.

I liked the idea of a book that presents three vastly haaarski viewpoints of the same thing. Karl rated it did not like it Oct 13, Does it contain any elements that might be lost in the conversion particular line formatting, color, high-resolution pictures, etc. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat