Also let me know the differences b/w and Your help will be For more information, see the PowerCenter Repository Guide. Informatica-installation-domain-9 – Informatica Click on Action -> New -> PowerCenter Repository Service. View Download, Informatica Power Center Repository Guide, k, v. 2, Dec 5, , PM, kal myweb. Ċ,

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Informatica metadata table – Primary key column from target table Ask Question. To proceed ahead with the Informatica installation, we start with the client installation. Click on Test Connection and Next. To commence with the Oracle installation, begin by downloading the setup zip file from the link below.

Informatica 8.6 Installation Guide from TCS

You can download the file from the link below: Click on Create User. If we go for the version 4. Now as in below screenshot, you have to select last four files from the list.

Sign up using Facebook. Now my need is, need to identify informatica metadata table where I can find reposirory table and corresponding column name marked as key.


You will get a pop up asking you to download installer. Why do you have tables with no PK? The Default port in which Oracle listens is This database can be the same as the data warehouse database. Now we will click on Connection and New Connection to connect to Domain user.

Before you start this procedure, repositoy need to create a database to contain the Informatica Repository. Name of machine hosting the Informatica Repository Server.

Scroll down for to find resources role: Applicable only to SQL Server.

This value should match the value you entered in Setting Up the Informatica Server. The database name where you want to restore the repository. Enter the following details to add giide domain: Lets begin the installation process now: Couple of tables in our Database doesm’t has any key. Applicable to SQL Server only. This completes the Informatica installation, hope this blog has been useful in setting up Informatica PowerCenter in your system.


Do not select any configure file type association, directly click on cancel. We will now connect to the Oracle Informatuca. Once the file download is complete, extract the file: Now we will click on Connection and New Connection to connect to Repository user.

Enter the domain configuration as below: You should now proceed to the procedure To configure the Informatica repository in the Workflow Manager for Teradata installations. To start the database: Now change Operating Mode from Exclusive to Normal.

: Creating or Restoring the Informatica Repository

Not applicable while restoring the repository. Machine host name where the server resides. After extracting, you will get four files: Oracle OCI8 use the tnsnames entry.