Read this manual carefully and have your installer instruct you on your system’s operation and on which features have been implemented in your system. I have a DSC model alarm () and this installer code was . The Down and Dirty at unlocking a DSC Alarm with Installers. Parent Directory · PC Pager · PC Partition · PC v Demo User · PC v Installation · PC

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I think I still might do that even though I also have a lock button.

What is this button cluster? I’ve yet to see one wired in this manner in a residence. The output Dssc5010 planning on having drive a small relay.

I was told I’m lucky that the Installer code of wasn’t locked out. I no longer use the lock function. My current Genie models have a second button that turns the light on.

There’s one problem with it but I’ll leave that for another topic.

Re: DSC PC5010 – how to change Install and Maint codes?

It certainly isn’t clear from the installation manual. The same breaker might shut the lights off in the garage, also – that would be a challenge. I’m probably over-thinking this being an engineering type.


October 07, Step 6 – Remove AC power from the control Step 7 – Reconnect all original wiring and power up the control. My opener has two buttons, one opens the door and the light comes on automatically and the other turns on jnstallation light without opening the door. Posted In Plumbing and Piping.

I guess there’s some value in the lock function. Step 5 – When Zone Light 1 is lit on the keypad the default is complete.

Did you miss your activation email? Anyway, just thought I’d share with others whom may have a Chamberlain graj door opener.

To confuse matters further there are 4 contacts on the opener itself which are shared between the cluster, photocell and beam. If I want to lock the door out, I kill power to the whole unit. Please login or register. Where I live graj door openers are required by code to be permanently wired into the electrical service. There are two wires that go to my Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door opener control.


October 09, Not sure why they didn’t just use resistors though.

D-Link Technical Support

When I found that out, quite by accident, I damn near had a heart attack. You could use one of the commonly available relays for security work.

Logged dknull Security Guru Posts: Okay, I took the keypad for the graj door opener apart last night. I’ll power down the thing and pull the cluster apart.

All the instxllation door opener buttons I’ve ever seen are NO, providing closure when the button is pressed. Trying to hook up tire changer motor to switch. I suppose that means the lock switch disables the remote control, otherwise it could simply be in series with the indoor button. When you do this, you are back to square one.