Erik said: The audiobook is the only way to truly enjoy Areas of My Expertise. While I was reading John Hodgman’s almanac of made-up trivia, I kept on. In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a John Hodgman brings his considerable expertise to bear in answering all of the. THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE. By John Hodgman. Illustrated. pp. E. P. Dutton. $ I am going to go out on a limb here and say that.

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He also explains to the reader how to win a fight including, among other tactics, attack ads in which you accuse your opponent of masturbating out of windows. The purpose of this book is either nothing or everything, depending on how you use it. Retrieved from ” https: Over the years the design of contact forms has become more and more minimal — and for good reason. Random, Fascinating and Utterly Unreliable Information, 22 Oct “An almanac of random, fascinating and utterly unreliable information — Hodgman has the gift of being outrageously but quietly convincing.

The Areas of My Expertise (Literature) – TV Tropes

Buy the Audiobook Download: March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. There were a few funny tables towards the front but the laughs, small as they were, were few and far between. The abilities of said genius: Complete World Knowledge 3 books.

This theory was confirmed to me when he signed my book at the Fitzgerald theatre and placed upon the title page the hobo sign signaling that very action. Julia Child knew this subject well. Conscience prevents acceptance of Human Hodvman.


Areas of My Expertise – Lifestyle Advice and Blog

Volcanoes come to town. Each chapter horgman its own charm, or well, its own place. Oc for every winning entry, there seems to be a gag that goes on way too long; Hodgman draws out recurrent tangents on werewolves, prophets, and squirrels past their breaking points. I think Mr Hodgman is hilarious on the Daily Show and I was hoping for some truly side splitting laughs.

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He does well when twisting an old theme; a hotel tipping chart starts off with advice on concierge and bellboy gratuities, and then goes onto magicians, lullabyists, and the differences between regular and ‘feral’ turn-down service the latter involves leaves and twigs in place of bedding. Success thwarted by phobia.

Basically it’s a compilation of if, charts, and short articles of data that Hodgman has made up.

These little arwas and untrue facts are yours for the asking. Technically, that is two questions, but do not apologize, for John Hodgman shall answer them both He has a completely guileless face, and delivers his words with a tone that conveys the innocent delivery of common sense wisdom, like he cannot conceive of anyone disbelieving what he’s telling us.

Nature or Nature v.

Sep 20, Laura rated it did not like it Shelves: In the McSweeney’s realm of humor, and like most of the McSweeney’s humor when it works it’s really funny, but sometimes you feel like your on the outside of an injoke. NPR commentator John Hodgman has, and he’s written the funniest, silliest and possibly smartest reference book ever penned.


John Hodgman Penguin- Humor – pages 51 Reviews https: Hodgman was my kind of snob, and I fell in love. It is intelligent, absurd humour, and primarily a parody of Poor Richard’s Almanackwritten by Benjamin Franklin, and more broadly, a pastiche of almanacks and trivia books in general.

It was after the fact that I realized I approached it the wrong way. I really wanted to like this book. Egypt, when done right, is a beautiful holiday destination. Read it Forward Read it first. In the great tradition of the American almanac, The Areas of My Expertise is a brilliant and hilarious compendium of handy reference tables, fascinating trivia, and sage wisdom on all topics large and small.

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The Areas of My Expertise

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. I read most of it at work and probably should have been fired for my overt laziness, but luckily the economy was slow and I was ostensibly in charge, so I could read I remember reading the cover of Areas of My Expertise expertiae it was first released and being skeptical, unsure if I like Hodgman’s tone.

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