To enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals, this specification will define a set of APIs for Updates to the Original Java Specification Request ( JSR). The Java platform provides an standard referred to as JSR that standarizes how portlets interact with portlet containers and ensures compatibility across. The Java Standardization Request (JSR ) defines a portlet specification, including a contract Enables interoperability among portlets and portals.

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For a JDBC or filesystem source, they could identify the database and table or server and folder. JSR is the Java Portlet specification v3. To provide language specific portlet information, like title and keywords, resource bundles are used. Limit additional libraries that must be shipped with the application. Defining portlet modes support Property Name Description Supported Modes Portlet modes the portlet can handle for each markup type it supports.

We could have alternatively implemented the javax. In addition, APIs for vendor extensions, APIs for security, user customization and layout management will be considered. They would also support localization and internationalization, hot deployment, and remote execution. In this article, we examine a portlet that Wingspan Technology where we work developed and contributed to the open-source community. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Title The title that should be displayed in the title bar of this portlet.

The Portlet Specification defines an expiration based caching mechanism. For a description of the Portlet technology, refer to section 2. The portlet container will ignore all references to custom portlet modes that are not supported by the portal implementation, or that have no mapping to portlet modes supported by the portal.


Configuring JSR 168 portlets

Many of them require the WAR to be run through a preparation tool or some other multistep deployment process. Portllets portlet responds to requests from a web client with and generates dynamic content. These components will comprise -but they will not be restricted to-: A portlet can aggregate integrate and personalize content from different sources within a web page.

Portlet Info Specify the following portlet information for each supported locale.

2. Java Portlet Specification (JSR)

It is only shown in GUI tools. Remote cache is only applicable to Websphere Portal. A third possible enhancement deals with the configuration challenge mentioned previously. Role name A string specifying the name of the role which refers to an application security role.

portlete This is why we catch Throwable instead of Exception. Some portals require user authentication or at least have a built-in mechanism for logging in users. Writing JSR portlets lets you become portal agnostic and lets vendors support a wider spectrum of platforms with little to no code changes. Select the Portlets tab, and then select the portlet from the Portlets list box. The key functional requirements were to:. Web Logic Portal 4.

Exact details will be agreed early in the life of the JSR and communicated to expert group members. Defines an expiration based caching mechanism. 1688

Portlets should use this role name to determine whether the authenticated user is included in an application security role. The abstract ContentSource class Listing Three is the start of the content-retrieval process.


Caching content helps improve the Portal response time for users.

Content-source configuration, as mentioned previously, is achieved with a properties file. JSR specifications offer suitability to the developers to reuse the code to maintain a set jer JSR compliant portlets. It is expected that both specification leaders will fully share responsibilities associated with group leadership, including group communications, decision making, and agreeing to the business terms for the RI and TCK.

A portlet container contains portlets and manages their life cycles. This specification will establish a standard API for creating Portlets, thus avoiding locking in Portal developers in a specific implementation and allowing Portlets developers to reach a wider audience while reducing their development efforts. The default value for the xml: There are many open source and commercial Portlets Catalog available but JSR based solutions are rare.

By abstracting the repository-specific code, we are able to keep the display and portlet classes unchanged, regardless of the source of the documents. We ultimately decided to avoid the user portlsts problem entirely by just storing our configuration jdr in a properties file.

Any portals using the older versions of Tomcat, including Pluto the pogtlets implementationhave problems using the application session across web contexts. Then click on the section that contains the values you want to edit.